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guia silent hill geekzilla

Guia silent hill geekzilla: Silent Hill is a darling ghastliness computer game establishment that has dazzled players for a really long time. With its frightful environment, mental repulsiveness components, and complex narrating, it has turned into a clique exemplary among gamers. Furthermore, on the off chance that you love the series, you’ve presumably known about Geekzilla – a famous web-based local area for all things nerdy. In this aide, we’ll bring a profound jump into the universe of Silent Hill on Geekzilla, from its set of experiences to its fan hypotheses and in the middle between.

The History of Silent Hill on Geekzilla

The Birth of Geekzilla

Geekzilla was established in 2010 by a gathering of companions who shared an energy for all things nerdy. Which began as a little internet based gathering immediately developed into a flourishing local area with large number of individuals. Today, Geekzilla covers a great many points, including motion pictures, Network programs, comics, and obviously, computer games.

Silent Hill’s Presence on Geekzilla

guia silent hill geekzilla: Silent Hill has been an interesting issue on Geekzilla since its initiation. Devotees of the series ran to the gathering to examine their #1 games, share fan workmanship, and conjecture about the secrets of the town. As the establishment kept on delivering new games, Geekzilla turned into the go-to put for everything Silent Hill.

The Silent Hill Subforum

One of the most famous segments on Geekzilla is the Silent Hill subforum. Here, fans can track down conversations about each game in the series, as well as broad conversations about the legend and characters. It’s an incredible spot to interface with different fans and offer your contemplations and speculations about the games.

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Fan Creations

guia silent hill geekzilla: Geekzilla likewise has a devoted segment for fan manifestations, where clients can share their own craftsmanship, fan fiction, and even cosplay roused by the Silent Hill universe. It’s an extraordinary way to exhibit your innovativeness and interface with different fans who share your adoration for the series.

Silent Hill Events on Geekzilla

Geekzilla frequently has occasions based on Silent Hill, for example, game evenings, random data challenges, and, surprisingly, virtual voyages through the town. These occasions are an extraordinary method for drawing in with the local area and hotshot your insight into the series.

The Silent Hill Franchise: A Brief Overview

The Original Trilogy (Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3)

The initial three games in the series are viewed as by quite a few people to be awesome. They follow the tale of Harry Bricklayer, James Sunderland, and Heather Artisan as they explore the detestations of Silent Hill. Each game has its own interesting air and narrating style, however every one of the three are associated by the strange town and its dull privileged insights.

The Psychological Horror Element

Something that separates Silent Hill from other frightfulness games is its attention on mental ghastliness. Rather than depending on hop panics and blood, the games utilize inconspicuous signals and imagery to make a feeling of disquiet and fear. This component makes the series so cherished among fans and has motivated incalculable hypotheses and conversations.

The Iconic Monsters

One more characterizing element of the first set of three is its notable beasts. From the alarming Pyramid Head to the upsetting attendants, each game presents new animals that torment players’ bad dreams. These beasts give a test to players as well as add to the general air of the games.

The Multiple Endings

One of the most captivating parts of the first set of three is its numerous endings. Contingent upon players decisions all through the game, they can open various endings that uncover more about the characters and the actual town. This adds a layer of replayability to the games and urges players to investigate everywhere of Silent Hill.

The Later Installments (Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: Downpour)

guia silent hill geekzilla: While the later games in the series might not have gotten similar basic recognition as the first set of three, they actually have a devoted fan base. These games present new characters and stories while as yet remaining consistent with the center components of the establishment.

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The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room is much of the time thought about the black sheep of the series. It follows the tale of Henry Townshend, who ends up caught in his condo with no chance to get out. While it might not have a similar effect as the first set of three, The Room actually has decent amount of panics and turns keep players tense.


Silent Hill: Homecoming adopts an alternate strategy by zeroing in on battle and activity as opposed to mental loathsomeness. While certain fans were frustrated by this change, the game actually figures out how to convey a chilling story and a few paramount minutes.


The latest portion in the series, Silent Hill: Storm, gets back to the underlying foundations of the establishment by underscoring investigation and puzzle-settling. It likewise presents another hero, Murphy Pendleton, who winds up attracted to Silent Hill because of reasons he can’t make sense of.

Fan Theories and Discussions on Geekzilla

The Cult of Silent Hill

One of the most well known speculations among fans is the possibility of a faction in Silent Hill. All through the games, there are references to a strict gathering known as “The Request” who love a god called “The God”. Many fans accept that this faction is liable for the powerful events in the town and that their activities have prompted the making of the Otherworld.

The Connection Between the Characters

One more typical subject of conversation on Geekzilla is the association between the characters in the games. A few fans accept that each character is associated here and there, whether it be through shared encounters or familial ties. This hypothesis is upheld by the common subjects and images all through the series.

The Meaning of the Fog

The haze that covers Silent Hill is one more component that has ignited numerous conversations among fans. Some accept that it addresses the characters’ feelings of dread and uncertainties, while others consider it to be an actual sign of the town’s dim history. Regardless, the mist adds to the general environment of the games and keeps players nervous.

FAQs about Silent Hill on Geekzilla

Q: Is there a specific order in which I should play the Silent Hill games?

A: Some time each game can remain all alone, it’s prescribed to play them in discharge request to comprehend the story and references to past games completely.

Q: Are there any Easter eggs or hidden secrets in the games?

A: Indeed, the Silent Hill games are known for their Hidden treats and secret mysteries. Look out for unpretentious hints and references to different games in the series.

Q: Can I join Geekzilla even if I’m new to the Silent Hill franchise?

A: Totally! Geekzilla invites devotees, everything being equal, whether you’re a long-lasting fan or simply finding the series.

Q: Are there any plans for a new Silent Hill game?

A: At this point, there have been no authority declarations about another Silent Hill game. In any case, fans stay confident about a restoration of the establishment.

Q: Are there any plans for a new Silent Hill game?

A: Indeed, Geekzilla urges fans to share their own fine art, fan fiction, and cosplay motivated by Silent Hill.


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