Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions: How to Use and Get the Perfect Rice Every Time

Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions

Rice is a staple food in many societies all over the planet, and cooking it impeccably can be a test. That is where a rice cooker proves to be useful. Among the many brands accessible on the lookout, Smell stands apart for its reasonable yet proficient rice cookers. Assuming you have as of late bought a Smell rice cooker or are intending to do as such, this article Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions will direct you through the guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize it and get the ideal rice like clockwork.

1. Unpacking and Setting Up Your Aroma Rice Cooker

Unpacking and Checking the Contents

Before you begin utilizing your Fragrance rice cooker, try to unload it cautiously and actually look at every one of the items. The bundle ought to incorporate the rice cooker unit, an estimating cup, a rice paddle, and a steaming plate (if relevant). Review every thing for any harms or unaccounted for pieces and contact the producer if vital.

Setting Up Your Rice Cooker

Whenever you have really looked at every one of the items, now is the right time to set up your rice cooker. Place the inward pot into the rice cooker base and ensure it is safely set up. Then, at that point, add the ideal measure of rice utilizing the Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions estimating cup gave. It is fundamental for utilize the right proportion of rice to water for impeccably cooked rice. For white rice, the basic guideline is 1 cup of rice to 1.5 cups of water. In any case, this might differ relying upon the kind of rice and individual inclination. Allude to the guidance manual for the suggested proportions for various sorts of rice.

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2. Cooking Rice in Your Aroma Rice Cooker

Selecting the Cooking Mode

Fragrance rice cookers accompany different cooking modes, including white rice, earthy colored rice, steam, and slow cook. To cook rice, select the white rice mode by squeezing the “white rice” button on the control board. This mode is appropriate for cooking a wide range of white rice, including short-grain, long-grain, and basmati.

Starting the Cooking Process

In the wake of choosing the cooking mode, press the “cook” button to begin the cooking system. The rice cooker will naturally change to the “keep warm” mode once the rice is cooked. It is fundamental for let the rice sit in the “keep warm” mode for no less than 10 minutes prior to effectively permitting it to retain any overabundance dampness and become fluffier.

Using the Steam Tray (Optional)

On the off chance that your Smell rice cooker accompanies a steam plate, you can utilize it to cook vegetables, meat, or fish while your rice is cooking. Basically put the steam plate on top of the inward pot, add the ideal fixings, and select the Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions steam mode. This is a helpful method for setting up a total dinner in one go.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Aroma Rice Cooker

Cleaning the Inner Pot and Accessories

After each utilization, try to completely clean the internal pot and frill. Utilize a gentle cleanser and a delicate wipe to abstain from scratching the non-stick covering. Wash with water and dry with a spotless fabric prior to putting away. Try not to involve rough cleaners or metal utensils as they can harm the non-stick covering.

Cleaning the Exterior

To clean the outside of your Fragrance rice cooker, basically wipe it with a sodden material. Try not to utilize brutal synthetics or grating materials that can harm the surface.

Storage and Maintenance Tips

To guarantee the life span of your Fragrance rice cooker, follow these capacity and support tips:

  • Always unplug the rice cooker when not in use.
  • Allow the rice cooker to cool down completely before cleaning or storing.
  • Do not immerse the rice cooker base in water or any other liquid.
  • Store the rice cooker in a dry and cool place.
  • Regularly check the power cord for any damages and replace if necessary.
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4. Tips for Perfectly Cooked Rice Every Time

Use High-Quality Rice

The nature of rice assumes a huge part in the end-product. Continuously utilize excellent rice for the best-tasting results.

Rinse the Rice Before Cooking

Flushing the rice prior to cooking eliminates overabundance starch and forestalls amassing. Place the ideal measure of rice in a bowl, cover it with water, and delicately twirl it around with your fingers. Channel the water and rehash the interaction until the water runs clear.

Let the Rice Rest Before Serving

As referenced before, it is fundamental for let the rice rest in the “keep warm” mode for no less than 10 minutes prior to serving. This permits the rice to retain any abundance dampness and become fluffier.


Q: Can I cook other grains besides rice in my Aroma rice cooker?

A: Indeed, you can cook different grains, for example, quinoa, grain, or oats in your Fragrance rice cooker. Follow a similar proportion of grain to water as you would for rice.

Q: Can I use the steam tray to cook frozen vegetables?

A: No, it isn’t prescribed to utilize the steam plate to cook frozen vegetables. The steam plate is intended to just cook new fixings.

Q: How do I know when the rice is cooked?

A: The rice cooker will naturally change to the “keep warm” mode once the rice is cooked. You can likewise really take a look at the rice by opening the cover and cushioning it with a fork. In the event that there is as yet overabundance water, let it sit in the “keep warm” mode for a couple of additional minutes.

Q: Can I use the rice cooker to cook rice without the inner pot?

A: No, the inward pot is a fundamental part of the rice cooker and should utilized for cook.

Q: Can I cook rice without using the measuring cup provided?

A: It is prescribed to utilize the estimating cup accommodated exact estimations. In any case, in the event that you have lost or lost it, you can utilize any standard estimating cup as long as you keep up with the right proportion of rice to water.


Cooking wonderful rice is at this point not an overwhelming errand with Smell rice cookers. By adhering to the guidelines referenced in this article, you can undoubtedly utilize your Fragrance rice cooker and get impeccably cooked rice like clockwork. Make sure to clean and keep up with your rice cooker consistently to guarantee its life span. With just enough practice, you will end up being an expert at cooking rice in a matter of seconds!

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