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Wordle hints

Struggling with how to kick off your Wordle game today? Here’s a hint: your initial guess can significantly impact your path to puzzle-solving success. We’ve sifted through the statistics and crunched the numbers to bring you the best starting words for your Wordle hints challenge.

The Best Opening Moves for Wordle

For the classic Wordle enthusiast who plays in Normal mode, your go-to words should be:


These options are packed with common letters and give you a strong base for decoding today’s answer.

Expert Play in Hard Mode

For those who prefer the challenge of Hard mode, where you must use revealed hints in subsequent guesses, begin with:


It combines frequent letters with an ideal distribution of vowels and consonants.

Today’s Wordle Winning Combinations

For an advanced strategy, consider opening with a dynamic duo to rapidly narrow down your options:

  • COALS followed by NITER

This pair has an excellent track record, delivering a broad sweep of common letters and strategic positioning in just two moves.

Your Strategy for Success

The joy lies in piecing together the puzzle with your unique approach, combining logic, luck, and a love for language.

Today Wordle Hints and Solution for Game #1,018

Wordle enthusiasts! Today’s Wordle #1,018 might have some you scratching your heads, but don’t worry; and, we’ve got your back with tips and hints that will keep it your winning streak going. According to the WordleBot, and, most players are solving it in 3.8 moves on easy mode and 3.7 moves on hard mode.

Below are some hints that could lead you to crack Wordle #1,018:

  • It contains two vowels out of A, E, I, O, U.
  • No letters are repeated.
  • Two characters are among the five most common letters used in Wordle.
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Feeling a little stuck? Here’s another nudge in the right direction — today’s Wordle answer is part of what flows through your veins.

If you’re coming from a different timezone or looking for analysis on yesterday’s game, #1,017 began with the letter F. With these clues combined, you should be well-equipped to conquer today’s challenge!

Ready for the answer?

The wait is over, the solution to Wordle #1,018 is… SERUM.

Today was more straightforward compared to the obscurity of “FROND” from the day before. My initial guess of ORATE gave me two yellow hits for ‘R’ and ‘E’, leaving many possibilities open.

My next strategy usually involves letters like ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘S’, ‘C’, and ‘L’. Using MINER, ‘M’ popped up as a surprise yellow, which cut down the options drastically.

After playing a gamble with GERMS, ‘R’, ‘E’, and ‘S’ secured their rightful spots, leaving an open position for ‘M’ at the end to reveal “SERUM” in my fourth attempt.

Hope these hints and the detailed walk-through facilitated your victory today in Wordle. Looking forward to tackling tomorrow’s puzzle alongside you!

Starting with ORATE, I deduced ‘O’ and ‘R’ positions early on, which led me ultimately to guess FROND on a hunch – which paid off!

Good luck, and we’ll see you tomorrow for more Wordle hints and puzzle-solving insight!

Other possibilities included: SERUM, EMERY, RHEUM, and SPERM for #1,018. Yesterday, possible solutions narrowed down to WRONG, PRONG, and FROND.

Mastering Wordle: Top Hints for Today’s Puzzle

For Wordle enthusiasts, challenge of cracking the daily puzzle is both exhilarating and sometimes daunting.

Starting Strong in Normal Mode

If you’re in Normal mode, you want a starting word packed with common letters and a good mix of vowels and consonants. Words like `SLATE`, `SALET`, `ROATE`, or `STARE` cover a broad spectrum of possibilities and frequently used letters in the English language. These choices can help you pinpoint some correct letters and their positions early on in the game.

Dominating in Hard Mode

`DEALT` is a strong contender with a balance of vowels and common consonants. The letters in this word occur in a wide array of English words, which could help you get a head start on figuring out today’s answer.

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The Power Pair Combination

For those looking to take their opening strategy to the next level, consider the word pair method. Initial guesses like `COALS` followed by `NITER` have been suggested as a dynamic duo to unlock a substantial amount of information right from the get-go. They combine different letters and are likely to unearth several correct letters that are part of the day’s puzzle.

What If Wordle Stumps You?

Even regular players can find themselves perplexed by a tricky Wordle. Remember, each guess should provide more information. Use each of your six tries wisely, considering the placement of green and yellow tiles from previous guesses. Each attempt is a step closer to victory, providing you with hints that diminish the pool of possible answers.

Tips to Remember:

  • Opt for words with a balanced blend of vowels and consonants.
  • Leverage common letters like S, T, R, N, and E to hit frequent matches.
  • Don’t shy away from using hints; each guess narrows down your options.

Combine logic, a bit of strategy, and some confidence in your next guess—you might just crack the code to success.!

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